Rest, Recuperation and Resurrection

I caught this prawn!

My catch of the day at the Huka Falls Prawn Park

A new decade – a new start?

It would be nice to be able to resurrect this space and do some “fun” writing again. The pressures of the last eighteen months have meant that, apart from tiny Twitterbytes, I haven’t done any real writing about the things that I care about. These holidays have been tagged for a bit of R&R&R – Rest and Recuperation and Resurrection.

It’s not that I haven’t been doing the things that I love. We’ve done a lot of travelling around the place recenttly and I have uploaded a ton of photos to my Flickr account. Visits to Wairoa, Hastings and Wellington have been photographed, tagged and put online. I’m uploading some shots that I took around the lower Kaipara Harbour after an amazing cruise we did on Thursday. There are family photos too.

I’ve been geeking around too. Dropped 500GB hard drives into my laptop and netbook and upgraded them both to Windows 7. I’ve been playing with some Linux and Windows PE live CDs and looking at how these environments can be used in my world. This week I finally got around to setting up some extra network stuff so that our whole house has the right kind of internet access. Benn and I have taken on the task of stripping down all of our old junked computers and sorting out which parts go to TradeMe, which we can use and what just needs to go to someone else to recycle. Our home network is pretty shoddy at the moment – I need to think about placing our equipment more efficiently so that it serves us rather than we serve it.

We bought ourselves a Wii for Christmas and have really enjoyed playing some of the games and activities. The Wii Fit is getting a daily workout too! I’m planning to have a play with the ideas behind the Wiimote Project.

Looking through a lens

Porthole to history at the Museum of Wellington City & Sea

This year sees a bit of a change in direction for me. I’m going to start my post graduate studies. After several years heavily immersed in the educational ICT arena it’s time to step back and take another look at the world of silicon, ones and zeroes. I’ll still be doing my schools’ tech support work, my websites and looking after my business clients, however, it’s time to get thinking again and to think more widely.

The world of educational ICT is a great place to visit but it’s not the world that I want to stay. There are a lot of amazing thinkers in that world but unfortunately there are also a lot of people who can’t see beyond their own sphere. I think that it’s time for me at least to break out and to see if I can get a wider perspective on things. So that’s what I hope to do this year. I’ll still be on the fringe of the education world but by being outside of the ICT PD network, hopefully I’ll be able to see things with more clarity.

5 thoughts on “Rest, Recuperation and Resurrection

  1. Hi Nix, while catching prawns I probably whizzzzed past on my bike. Holidays rule. Happy new year and keep on R&R&R-ing!

  2. Thrive in your new learning adventures Nix , but to use a Spaff analogy –
    “Many environments don’t have a well-defined perimeter – they’re like Klein bottles: everything is both inside and outside.”
    I fear that even though you have tunnelled under the boundary fence in search of the wilding spaces “outside” of the ictpd cluster environment you will find we are all trapped in Klein Bottle environments of our own making – there will always be those who prefer to to play inside, overly confident in their inside world view, wherever your tunnel ends up.

  3. Brena, I hope that you didn’t bike all the way up from Napier?

    And Arti, I know, and I don’t want to polish my rose-coloured glasses just yet.

  4. Sheesh Nix – I never expected to see a colour shift from indigo and violet to rose – you are inverting the rainbow – slip sliding across the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum in one sentence – this is way too radical to contemplate on a lazy Sunday morning in January -though I will admit that I am interested in the character studies you post this year showing how the ictpd clusters have mirror sites in tertiary study environments.

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