Flash Problems

From my last post:

Of interest I can’t play any Muxtapes in Firefox on either my laptop (Vista) or the eee PC. I think it might be something to do with the extensions that I have installed. I need to rouse myself and troubleshoot it further.


I realised that it probably wasn’t my extensions that were causing the problem when I discovered that YouTube videos weren’t playing in FireFox. I’ve had this problem before – only in Vista – that the video appears to load, plays for two seconds and then stops. If I drag the slder along it starts briefly but without sound. It’s an issue with Macromedia Flash.

Fortunately I found the answer a couple of weeks ago (it happens regularly) in the Mozilla Forums. Sure enough, navigating through to My C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\Macromed\Flash folder finds two files with “FlashUtil” as part of the name, FlashUtil9e.exe and NPSWF32_FlashUtil.exe. I clicked on the second file, ran the installer, rebooted and YouTube works again. Even better, my new Muxtape works too!

Of course I still want to sort out the eee PC’s Muxtape problem as well. In this case YouTubes are playing?

EDIT: It was a Flash problem as well. Thanks to the friendly guys at the Eee PC forum at http://wiki.eeeuser.com I was directed to upgrade my Flash Player to the latest version…